Oblong Bubbles Earrings
  • Oblong Bubbles Earrings
  • Oblong Bubbles Earrings

Oblong Bubbles Earrings


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Oblong Bubbles Earrings

Width : 0.54 inches / 14 mm
Height : 0.8 inches / 20.7 mm
Silver Weight: 5.42 gram

Collection: Fusion

Material: Sterling Silver 925

This product is part of the Fusion collection. At its core, this collection focuses on integration – one of Indimaj’s founding principles.

The Fusion collection is defined by the unique combinations of materials used to create each piece. Various metals, rubber, and other modern materials from our surroundings converge into spectacular jewelry pieces with a strikingly different, unique appearance.

Fusion pieces go well with almost every outfit, and are suitable for special events and occasions.

The Indimaj team’s inspiration to create this collection came from the very essence of the Indimaj project itself. In the future, this collection will expand to include meetings between the worlds of metal and other materials.

Please note: In each computer screen the colors of the stones look different, so there can be a gap between the color of the stone in the picture and the actual color of the stone.

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