Supplying the Products

1.      Unfortunately, there is no option for self-collection.

2.      The products ordered on the website will be supplied via Israel post to the address provided by you during registration or to an alternative address entered by you when placing the order on the website.

3.      Delivery fees will be collected in addition to the product’s cost, according to the type of delivery you will select.

4.      The date of product delivery within the borders of the state of Israel will be between 3-10 business days, as you will select, and according to the service provided by the Israel post.

5.      Delivery abroad will be made by the “ECO post” / DHL service of the Israel post.  As the Company is currently aware, this Israel post service operates in the following countries alone: The United States, Austria, Australia, Italy, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Poland, Portugal, France, Canada, Sweden and Switzerland.

*The estimated time of delivery for most destinations: between 7-21 business days, the estimated time of delivery for Australia: 12-25 business days.

6.      Delivery abroad via EMS express delivery: the service operates in countries with EMS branches and is available almost anywhere in the world. Estimated time of delivery: 2-5 business days.

7.      You are aware that INDIMAJ uses services provided by Israel post and/or other type of delivery, and that from the time when the product was sent and out of its control, it has not control and/or ability to change and/or to bring forward the date of supplying the product, thus you will have no claims against it for any delay and/or fault in the delivery of the product, for reasons which are out of its control.

8.      INDIMAJ shall not bear any responsibility for any damage which may be caused due to delays which are out of its control, in the delivery of the product, including technical faults, force majeure and such.

9.      The definition of business days does not include holiday eves, Saturdays, holidays, days of strike or sanctions with the delivery company.