Dangle Earrings silver Arabesque Beads
  • Dangle Earrings silver Arabesque Beads
  • Dangle Earrings silver Arabesque Beads

Dangle Earrings silver Arabesque Beads


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Dangle Earrings silver Arabesque ball 

Width : 0.36 inches / 10 mm
Silver Weight: 6.4 gram


Material: Sterling Silver 925

This product is part of the THE ARABESQUE CROWN collection. This collection was created from study of forms that exists in cultures and religions of Indimaj team. Arabesque is a form Decorations, who used to stand out in the art of Islam. The mark distinguishes the Arabesqueis constant repetition on the model of the foundation, which gives a sense of continuity. There are historians of art that see arabesque combination of mystery and spirituality. Others see it as a simple aesthetic born of necessity created by the religious prohibition. In this Indimaj Collection of jewelry the classic arabesque gets a modern twist and the jewelry displays combine of 925 silver with a touch of gold 14 karat . The collection emphasizes circular motion and several forms combined together into a spectacular piece special. The Work on this collection combines innovative technologies and traditional hand work that retains and emphasizes the combination manifested physical labor in the piece.

Please note: In each computer screen the colors of the stones look different, so there can be a gap between the color of the stone in the picture and the actual color of the stone.

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