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Indimaj Jewelry School – Professional Jewelry Design

There was a time when jewelry design was a flourishing branch of craftsmanship and the arts in Israel.

Today, sad to say, this field is slowly dwindling. As with many other fields, it is cheaper to manufacture products or buy ready-made goods from East Asia. From a creative perspective, the Israeli jewelry design industry still has immense potential, but it lost much of its former strength during the past economic crisis. Israel now has only a few hundred jewelry-makers left.

Due to this less-than-encouraging situation, Stef Wertheimer decided to take action in order to revitalize the jewelry design industry, and build the foundations for its future glory. Stef believes that there is still great creative and productive potential in Israel's jewelry industry, which will enable it to grow, thrive, and succeed in both domestic and foreign markets.

Indimaj Jewelry - the school

The school is based on the combined importance of education and industry, and aims to provide the skills required to succeed in a lifelong profession. Excellent professional training is the real basis for success.

Classes are held in the Nazareth Industrial Park in the Indimaj Jewelry Workshop, which opened in early 2015 after construction was completed. After a selection process, 18 students were accepted to the course, representing every part of Israel’s diverse human mosaic: men and women of all ages; Christians, Muslims, and Jews; residents of Nazareth and the surrounding areas – they came together to learn this trade.

The classes were held in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Finance, through the Branch for Vocational Trade, which supported the entire venture through financial assistance, professional supervision, and granting certification.

The basic idea of the course is a self-sustaining cycle:

Indimaj Jewelry - the school

In addition, a comprehensive curriculum was created that includes more than 1,100 practical and theoretical hours of study, with new equipment and an exceptional work-study atmosphere, all thanks to the enthusiasm and goodwill of the students and staff.

The course is held four days a week for one year.

Topics include:

· Fundamentals of Jewelry-Making: History of the Profession, Materials, and Tools
· Jewelry-Making in Different Cultures
· Jewelry-Making Standards
· Work Techniques: Marking, Cutting, Rolling, Soldering, Textures, and Finishing
· Gemology: History of Stones
· Inlay
· Design
· Sketching, Drawing, and Rhino 3D Software

The first Indimaj students successfully completed their coursein December 2015, under the supervision of professionals and Ministry of Finance representatives. The course consistently focused on providing each student with personal guidance, helping the students enter the labor market, and providing the necessary tools to handle market demands.

Driven by the desire to encourage its manufacturing branch, the Indimaj Jewelry Workshop opened in January 2016 and employs several of the school’s graduates. The workshop’s success will pave the way for additional training programs in the future.

For information about other training institutions envisioned by Stef Wertheimer:

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