Indimaj Jewelry Workshop

The Indimaj Jewelry Workshop was founded in January 2016 following the remarkable success of the Indimaj Jewelry School. The workshop was built near the existing classrooms and employs some of the program’s graduates.

The workshop is based on the understanding that the jewelry industry in Israel needs to be improved and revitalized. The Indimaj Jewelry Workshop stems from entrepreneur Stef Wertheimer's overarching vision of providing meaningful employment opportunities and promoting coexistence among all sectors of Israeli society. Indimaj made the decision to branch off from the metallurgy sector and create a new field that combines creativity with fashion.

Indimaj is an enterprise that works to bridge the gaps between communities, reflecting the multiculturalism that exists across Israel, while simultaneously developing the manufacturing industry.

Indimaj combines education (in its school for gold and silversmithing) and industry (in the workshop), with the aim of creating real synergy that will inspire and support both sides of the enterprise:

Indimaj Jewelry - workshop

Located in the Nazareth Industrial Park, the Indimaj Jewelry Workshop is one of six such parks in regions outside Israel’s major cities. These parks highlight industrial creativity, and provide employment to people who represent the entire mosaic of Israeli society.

The workshop, which covers some 300 square meters, looks out toward the Jezreel Valley, Afula, and the historic Mount Precipice. It is fully equipped with the tools necessary to meet its own needs as well as market demands.

Indimaj is living, practical proof that people from different backgrounds within Israel's multicultural society can work together to create physical and abstract jewelry pieces that are unique, powerful, and charming.

Indimaj Jewelry - workshop

The following services are currently available from the Indimaj workshop:

· Jewelry cleaning
· Jewelry polishing
· Assembly
· Soldering
· Basic inlay
· Casting and finishing
· Misc. services

Indimaj primarily designs gold and silver jewelry.

The Indimaj vision is to provide employment for a wide range of people, and to create additional courses and classes in the school. These targets are expected to be reached during the workshop’s future development.

For more information about the industrial parks established by Stef Wertheimer, visit:

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