The Indimaj Story

Indimaj is an Arabic word, meaning “fusion”.
And “fusion” describes the Indimaj initiative perfectly!
Indimaj is a unique project designed to bring together people from all cultural and religious backgrounds, focusing on the act of creation, which represents the very heart of existence.
Located in Nazareth, Indimaj is the brainchild of entrepreneur and industrialist Stef Wertheimer, who is committed to bringing new opportunities and prosperity to regions of Israel outside the major cities. By promoting vocational education, Wertheimer aims to revitalize the Israeli manufacturing industry in general, and jewelry production in particular.

Wertheimer's vision is based on the simple concept that people who work and make a living together will build positive, mutually-respectful relationships spurred by their shared desire to contribute to society.
Indimaj was launched as a result of widespread activities to boost Israel’s export industry, with the objective of attaining financial independence through the coexistence of the many cultures that comprise the colorful mosaic of Israeli society.
Indimaj works to bridge the gaps between communities, reflecting the multiculturalism that exists across Israel, while simultaneously developing the manufacturing industry.
Indimaj combines two centers of activity inThe industrial park at Nazareth:
· A training center and jewelry school, where students from various cultural backgrounds come together to discover the secrets of the jewelry trade.
· A production plant for jewelry and accessories, which employs the school's skille graduates.

Our aim

Indimaj aims to represent living, practical proof that people from different backgrounds within Israel's multicultural society can work together to create physical and abstract jewelry pieces that are unique, powerful, and charming.

Our vision

To be the leading company brand in the field, shatter myths, and help to change ways of thinking.
· To create a center for the personal and professional development of Israelis who live outside the central region, and to offer them an empowering, productive environment.
· To spread the word of change that has its roots in practical, creative cooperation, based on the perspective that art has no language, religion, gender, or politics.
· To contribute to vital industrial development outside the central region, by focusing on restoring the jewelry industry to its former glory.

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