Silver 925 Neacklace Hamsa  & Nano Bible with Dave
  • Silver 925 Neacklace Hamsa  & Nano Bible with Dave
  • Silver 925 Neacklace Hamsa  & Nano Bible with Dave
  • Silver 925 Neacklace Hamsa  & Nano Bible with Dave
  • Silver 925 Neacklace Hamsa  & Nano Bible with Dave

Silver 925 Neacklace Hamsa & Nano Bible with Dave


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Silver 925 Neacklace Hamsa  & Nano Bible with Dave

Width : 0.63 inches / 16.33 mm 
Height : 1.18 inches / 30 mm 
Silver Weight: 4.94 gram

Chain length inches: 18 inches + 2 inches extension / 45 cm + 5 cm extension

Collection: Sources

Material: Sterling Silver 925

Brochure Old Hebrew Bible

The jewelry comes with Nano Bible information book and certificate.

ABOUT THE NANO BIBLE: The spirit and technology of Israel come together to produce.the world’s smallest bible printed onto a single 5mm x 5mm surface .   

 The Nano Bible was examined under a high resolution electron microscope lens. The magnified text was projected onto a monitor, allowing all viewers to see the text clearly. A Jerusalem Nano Bible Certificate of Authenticity accompanies all purchases. The certificate guarantees the authenticity of your Jerusalem Nano Bible and documents that the utmost care was used to craft the Bible and to ensure it’s preservation.This Jerusalem Nano Bible contains all 24 books, including the Torah, written in ancient Hebrew. It contains the most important Holy Scriptures of Judaism, that were passed on by each generation, and according to rabbinic tradition were accompanied by an oral tradition, called the Oral Torah. 

 SIZE COMPARISON:  One nanometer (nm) is one billionth, or 10 to the ninth power, of a meter. The comparative size is a marble to earth. 

 ELECTRON MICROSCOPE: the smallest object visible to an Optical microscope  is only 200 nm. (Not to be confused with an Electron Microscope)     

THE MATERIAL :  The Jerusalem Nano Bible is made from silicon ‘wafer’, a thin slice of semiconductor material, derived from sand, typically used in precision printing of circuit boards for electronics.   

BIBLE SURFACE: The text is covered with a protective layer made from 500 nm Sin and Silicon OxiNitride. The letters are nano printed or engraved in 450 nm thick aluminum.

This product is part of the Sources collection. This collection was born from the unique origins and colorful human mosaic of the Indimaj project.

The diverse pieces in this inspiring collection combine the history and cultural roots of the equally diverse Indimaj team, who work together to create such beautiful jewelry.

The Sources collection unites old and new, ancient and modern, bringing together materials from different eras while highlighting the personal craftsmanship of each piece. Each piece embodies the essence of the unique cultural integration that Indimaj represents.

This pendant is made from sterling silver 925, handmade by indimaj jewelry from israel.

Finishsilver with blackness and polish

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